Many definitions exist for organisational development. Our preferred interpretation is as a systematic approach to improving organisational effectiveness – one that dynamically and proactively aligns strategy, people and processes to best deliver organisational objectives efficiently and effectively

Organisational development involves both formal issues – strategy, policies, structures and systems – and informal issues – ie those that develop appropriate skills, behaviours, attitudes, culture and a style of leadership – that will enable attainment of optimal performance. It is important that both these formal and informal considerations are addressed to avoid dysfunctionality arising from the conflict between organisational goals and needs.

Organisational development takes a holistic approach; acknowledging that each part of the organisation impacts on, and is dependent on, others.

Turadh (Alba), in the area of organisational development, offers:

  • Consultancy: supporting organisations through change programmes – for example supporting cultural change, or approaching specific projects which require expertise in participative approaches to change.
  • Coaching: supporting organisations in the development of their organisational development strategies, providing support and challenge as they consider the implications of approaching initiatives with an organisational development perspective.